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Clip On and Go

Clip On and Go.

Being able to carry all your essential gear hands-free is essential for active lure fishing. The freedom of being able to move from spot to spot without having to carry a net, mat or spare bag in your hands enables you to move freely without having to consider anything other than fishing.

Our complete luggage range is built with this specification in mind. D-Rings are strategically placed on our bags to accommodate Freestyle nets and unhooking mats.

The central D-Ring is the most effective area to hold a Dropnet Xtra! and the side D-Rings are perfect for the Lite Mat. Every accessory comes complete with a sturdy carabiner which makes attaching and removing accessories a breeze.

Our backpacks are best suited for anglers that choose to carry a Freestyle landing net. There are strategically placed webbing strips for carrying a landing net. Our Flick and Flip nets have a built-in clip so you can easily attach them to the bags.

Our smaller bags have enough places to attach a Lite Mat or net. The accessories can also be attached to a belt allowing you to fish “Ultra-Free” with a rigged box in your pocket.

If you have any queries about our luggage or accessories send us a message or ask your question in our Facebook ground “Freestyle social chat” to get answers from like-minded Freestyle anglers.