Recon Pliers

PTFE coated and ultrasharp.

The Recon Pliers are a multi-function tool perfect for every angler. The tool is PTFE-coated which is corrosion-resistant, hydrophobic and oleophobic, preventing the pliers from getting wet making long term maintenance simple. The Recon Pliers also feature an ultra-sharp and durable braid cutter, hook bender, crimping tool and split ring function. Find the full range of Freestyle tools here.

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Recon Pliers

Each plier set is supplied with a durable aluminium carabiner, stretch coil and a matching protective sheath which is perfect for attaching to either a belt or bag for quick access.

Recon Pliers - In Sheath

The supplied carabiner can be used to connect to D-rings on either the front straps or sides of various Freestyle bags. This is perfect for attaching the pliers when quick access to your pliers is important.

Recon Pliers - Out of Sheath

Sheath Attachment

1. Straps can be threaded through the opening of the fabric located on the underside of the sheath.
2. The velcro strap on the backside allows it to be fixed on to webbing which is found on most of the Freestyle luggage

Sheath Attachment Options

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Technical Drawing - Recon Pliers

About the Recon Pliers.

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Features a braid cutter that continues to stay sharp.