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The Freestyle Flip Net

By November 6, 2018Nets

Freestyle Flip Net – A Net For All Occasions

A landing net that covers all your needs is hard to come by. Be that in transport size, net size materials etc. The Freestyle Flip Net system is developed to be versatile for a wide range of applications especially when used on piers, bridges or areas where transport size and a long reach is key to securing your catch safely.

Fish the net

A Drop Net can successfully be used on piers and bridges however if you are fishing on a groyne a Drop Net will not be the most useful tool for the job. The Freestyle Flip Net system, however, has the advantages of a telescopic net as well as a Drop Net. It can be used to both net fish from heights of up to 4m as well as from the shoreline.

Flip Nets Extended
Side by Side - Flip Net

The Flip Net system has a very small transport size. Included is a clip which can be used to attach to either a backpack or belt. Once the net is needed you can twist the net handle and adjust the angle of the net head depending on your situation. The handle can then be extended and used to net your catch.

Backpack and the Flip Net

The Flip Net handle and Net are available in two different size combinations. For anglers targeting either pike or perch from high banks would be recommended to use the longer handle and larger net combo. For anglers aiming for perch on docks, the shorter handle and smaller net combo would be a good choice.

Flip Net - Details

The Flip Net is rubberized ensuring that the fish’s mucous membrane is not harmed and hooks caught in the net can easily be removed. An added bonus is that the rubberized net does not absorb the smell of the fish and that it can easily be cleaned with much hassle.

Freestyle - Flip Net

The Flip Net can also be used for other applications for example as an action camera mount. With the help of an adapter such as Strategy’s Camera Mount, the Action Camera can be screwed onto the thread, great for when you are searching for alternate perspectives.

Freestyle - Flip Net Screw Threads

Freestyle Flip Net

Code: 3232 18 – 65x50x50cm

Code: 3232 19 – 50x40x50cm

Freestyle Flip Net - Handle

Code: 3232 16 – 0,60-4,00m

Code: 3232 17 – 0,50-2,80m