The original reengineered.

The original Freestyle rod series with a completely re-engineered blank. The Jig rods are lighter, the Spin rods have more backbone and the Dropshot rods offer greater sensitivity. The new range features an improved Harbour Jig specification, designed for heavier jigging in large European harbours. The shorter 2,10m rod is ideal for fishing vertically from the harbour wall and offers a lot of backbone to set the hook effectively. For a full overview of the Freestyle rod range click here.

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Concept Dropshot

The Concept Dropshot rods feature an ultra-sensitive solid white tip which delivers extremely sensitive bite indication. The tip section is blended into a very robust mid to rear section which offers the perfect pressure for setting the hook and more than enough power to play the fish.

Concept - Dropshot

Concept Spin

The Concept Spin rods feature a semi-fast tip section which allows you set the hook well when fishing with hard baits and spinners. The rod is great for casting even the lightest of wobblers or spinner baits.

Concept - Spin

Concept Jig

The Concept Jig rods are lightweight, versatile and well balanced jigging rods which offer great bite transmission when jigging for many hours. The new blanks repsond very well to bites, which can be felt directly through the index finger when places on the blank, this feature makes the difference when a fast reaction speed is needed to hook the fish well.

Concept - Jig

Concept Harbour Jig

Designed specifically for medium/heavy vertical fishing from tall harbour walls. The sensitive jigging tip is backed up with a strong backbone for setting the hook quickly.

Concept - Harbour Jig
ModelCodeLengthTransport LengthWeightCasting WeightSectionsGuides
Dropshot 2102999 2112,10m1,10m97gr3-14gr29
Dropshot 2402999 2412,40m1,25m107gr5-18gr210
ModelCodeLengthTransport LengthWeightCasting WeightSectionsGuides
Spin 2102999 2102,10m1,10m106gr5-20gr29
Spin 2402999 2402,40m1,25m120gr8-28gr210
ModelCodeLengthTransport LengthWeightCasting WeightSectionsGuides
Jig 2102999 2122,10m1,10m105gr8-28gr29
Jig 2402999 2422,40m1,25m115gr8-28gr29
ModelCodeLengthTransport LengthWeightCasting WeightSectionsRings
Harbour 2102999 2132,10m1,10m121gr10-38g29
Harbour 2402999 2432,40m1,25m130gr14-48gr29

The original best seller, re-engineered to create a stronger blank with more feedback.