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                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 
                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 
                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 

Blog Posts

Browse through our blog posts – filled with information about our products including detailed tips and tricks for your next fishing trip

September 23, 2022

The Baitcaster

The Baitcaster The typical spinning rod is equipped with a stationary reel. The reel "hangs" under the rod. To cast, all you have to do is hold the line with…
800x800_The_Adjustable_DS_RigReload Rigs
April 27, 2022

The Adjustable DS System

The Adjustable Dropshot System The Spro Freestyle Adjustable Dropshot System allows you to tie a knotless dropshot rig. The distance between the weight and the lure is infinitely adjustable. Step…
March 22, 2022

T-Rig, C-Rig & Twitch Rig

Texas Rig, Carolina Rig und Twitch Weights   The Texas Rig and the Carolina Rig have become standard methods for many predator anglers. In contrast to fishing with jig heads…
March 4, 2022

The Chatter Blades

The Chatter Blades   For me, the chatterbait is now a must have for the tackle box. The blade creates a very strong pressure wave under water and therefore rarely…
June 4, 2021

Street fishing at the trout lake ?!

The beginning of the year is often the toughest phase of the year for us lure anglers. Our beloved predators can enjoy their deserved rest and an alternative is often…
May 25, 2021

Our 5 Best Landing Net Features!

Some of our best landing net innovations in focus. Our landing net series offers any array of functions that are designed to make landing a fish easier in the most…
April 29, 2021

Tocka, clip on and go!

Tocka, clip on and go! Tocka is one of the newest additions to the Freestyle terminal tackle range. It takes a new twist on the “Tokyo rig”, creating a simple…
April 22, 2021

5 Innovative Terminal Tackle Components

5 Innovative Terminal Tackle Components At Freestyle our design team works tirelessly to offer urban anglers terminal tackle that brings out the best in their lures in the most challenging…
Featured Image - Street Fishing in the Heart of AmsterdamGeneral
December 7, 2020

Street Fishing in the Heart of Amsterdam

In this blog, I would like to share my passion for fishing in the big city. Hopefully, this creates a bit of inspiration for you. First, I should note that…
5 Things Street Fishing - Featured ImageGeneral
November 23, 2020

5 things that make Street Fishing Great.

What makes street fishing so unique and addictive? It has a lot to do with convenience. If you haven't read our 'What is Street Fishing' blog, you can read it…
November 17, 2020

Street Fishing

What is Street Fishing? Roaming the city streets with your rod, reel and angling gear is guaranteed to attract a certain amount of attention. You can feel the eyes of…
Featured Image - The Best Fishing GlovesGeneral
November 9, 2020

Gloves Made for Fishing

It's that time of year again. It's cold, it's raining, but hey, you're a fisherman. No excuses. As anglers, we can all relate to trying to tie a knot in…
Featured Image - More Action for Low ActionAccessoriesGeneral
October 30, 2020

More Action for Low Action

Many anglers spend a lot of time making rigs, setting up their gear, and sorting their bait boxes. The Freestyle range offers every angler a multitude of possibilities. Be it…
Featured Image - Reel For UrbanityReels
October 9, 2020

The Reel for Urbanity

When we planned the design of the SKILLZ V2 we set up a detailed specification that if met, would create an outstanding reel for light lure fishing. Size & Weight…
Featured Image - Gear Guide SummaryGeneral
October 2, 2020

2021 Gear Guide Summary

It's been 4 years since we released the first Freestyle products with the intent to create a range of products which specialise in active light lure fishing in and around…
Urban Prey Curl - Featured ImageLures
June 10, 2020

The Urban Prey Curl

The Urban Prey Curl's advantages used on various rigs / methods I would like to introduce an all-rounder while noting all the advantages specific rigs possess while fishing the Uban…
Clip On and Go - Featured ImageAccessoriesGeneral
May 28, 2020

Clip On and Go

Clip On and Go. Being able to carry all your essential gear hands-free is essential for active lure fishing. The freedom of being able to move from spot to spot…
Urban Prey Hook Sizes - 01Accessories
May 22, 2020

Urban Prey Best Hook Sizes

Urban Prey Best Hook Sizes As we mentioned in the previous blog post, all Urban Prey Lures are designed around the same slim body. When choosing a hook for your…
The Versatile Urban Prey Lures - Featured ImageGeneral
May 15, 2020

The Versatile Urban Prey Lures

The Versatile Urban Prey Lures. When designing our first Urban Prey lure, the Slug, back in 2017 we aimed to create a lure that could be comfortably fished on many…
Light, with the Wave of an Arm - Featured ImageAccessories
May 7, 2020

Light, with the Wave of an Arm.

Light, with the Wave of an Arm. A reliable headlamp is an essential piece of kit for anglers that fish in the evening. Even if you don't plan to, we…