Terminal Tackle

Our terminal tackle range is designed for anglers of all abilities. We aim to make using our range as fun and as exciting as possible. We want anglers to try new techniques and figure out new and innovative ways to catch more fish and have fun while doing it.

Our full range of terminal tackle can be found below. You can contact us at any time if you have questions about any of our products. Our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible.


Tungsten Micro Jig


Titan Traces 7X


Rigged Bottom Jigs


Adjustable Dropshot System


Fluorocarbon Snaps


Lure Loop

Featured Image - Tungsten Level Spikes

Tungsten Level Spikes

Featured Image - Rig Pears

Rig Pears

Featured Image - Silicone Weight Stoppers

Silicone Weight Stoppers

Featured Image - Twitch Weights

Twitch Weights

Featured Image - Tocka


Featured Image - Jig Slips

Jig Slips

Featured Image - Chatter Blades

Chatter Blades

Featured Image - Bullet Sinkers

Bullet Sinkers

Featured Image - Jika Jigs

Brass Jika Jigs

Featured Image - Reload Rigs

Reload Rigs / Fluorocarbon

Featured Image - Freestyle Terminal

Reload Terminal

Featured Image - Dropshot Pear

Dropshot Pears

Featured Image - Bottom Jigs

Tungsten Bottom Jigs