Each year the Freestyle team develops a large number of functional angling accessories to make active lure fishing more fun. You can find products ranging from hook keepers, reel protectors, tackle boxes and much more by exploring through our portfolio below.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions regarding our products. Our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hue Shades


Fast Rod Grip

Featured Image - Shoulder Strap

Universal Shoulder Strap

Featured Image - Multi Hook & DS Keeper

Multi Hook & DS Keeper

Featured Image - Track


Featured Image - Xtender Net Handles

Xtender Net Handle

Featured Image - Reel Protector

Reel Protector

Featured Image - Lite Mat +

Lite Mat +

Featured Image - Rod Protector

Rod Protector

Freestyle Lite Mat

Lite Mat

Featured Image - Microfibre Towel

Microfibre Towel

Featured Image - Rigged Boxes

Reload Rigged Boxes

Featured Image - Hydrate Bottle Holder

Hydrate Bottle Holder

Featured Image - Hydrate Bottle Clip

Hydrate Bottle Clip

Ruler 120 with a huge catch

Ruler 120

Close up of the Freestyle Shades


The SPRO Freestyle Rigged Box

Rigged Boxes

USB Sense Optics

Sense Optics

The white Freestyle Dropshot Clip

Dropshot Clip