Break the Stereotype.

Fish Urban.

Urban fishing has reached a level where it is now considered a true fishing discipline. It is no longer just about fishing in cities and urban environments. Mobility has become one of the most important components to characterise this style of predator fishing. To be successful, you need to move with the fish.

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Product range.

Below you find a small selection of products from the Freestyle product portfolio. For a full overview take a tour of our products page and check out everything we have to offer.

Featured Image - Rod Protector

Rod Protector

IPX Series - Freestyle

IPX Series

Featured Image - Litz

Litz Rods

Featured Image - Bullet Sinkers

Bullet Sinkers

Featured Image - Jika Jigs

Brass Jika Jigs

Freestyle Lite Mat

Lite Mat

Featured Image - Concept


Featured Image - Urban Prey

Urban Prey

Featured Image - Freestyle Gloves

Freestyle Gloves

Featured Image - Microfibre Towel

Microfibre Towel

Featured Image - Backpack 22

Backpack 22

Featured Image - Rigged Boxes

Reload Rigged Boxes

Featured Image - Hydrate Bottle Holder

Hydrate Bottle Holder

Featured Image - Storm Shield

Storm Shield

Featured Image - Reload Rigs

Reload Rigs / Fluorocarbon

Featured Image - Freestyle Terminal

Reload Terminal

Featured Image - Dropshot Pear

Dropshot Pears

Featured Image - Freestyle Classics

Classic Backpacks

Featured Image - Hydrate Bottle Clip

Hydrate Bottle Clip

Featured Image - Micro Jigs

Micro Jigs