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Urban fishing has reached a level where it is now considered a true fishing discipline. It is no longer just about fishing in cities and urban environments. Mobility has become one of the most important components to characterise this style of predator fishing. To be successful, you need to move with the fish.

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Featured Image - Flick Net Carbon

Flick Net Carbon

Featured Image - FSi Baitcaster


Featured Image - Ballast Braid

Ballast Braid

Featured Image - FSi Rods

FSi Rods

Featured Image - Shoulder Strap

Universal Shoulder Strap

Featured Image - Litz Reel

Litz Reel

Featured Image - Tungsten Level Spikes

Tungsten Level Spikes

Featured Image - Skillz Rods

Skillz Rods V2

Featured Image - Multi Hook & DS Keeper

Multi Hook & DS Keeper

Featured Image - Skillz Reel V2

Skillz Reel V2

Featured Image - Rig Pears

Rig Pears

Featured Image - Silicone Weight Stoppers

Silicone Weight Stoppers

Featured Image - Track


Featured Image - Twitch Weights

Twitch Weights