Drop Net Xtra

Compact. Rubberized. Lightweight. Foldable.

The Drop Net Xtra is one of the most innovative drop nets ever. Its available in 60 and 80cm with a rubberized mesh net which can be folded into a 35 or 45cm waterproof zip bag. The crimps are strong and covered with a shrink tube to avoid line damage. Each net is equipped with a velcro pouch to hold extra weight if needed. The net material naturally sinks and is drys incredibly quick. The lightest and most compact rubberized dropnet on the market. What more could you want?

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Drop Net Extra

Freestyle Dropnet Extra Extended

Highly durable rope.

Rope Length

10m long rope.

Net Information

Foldable and rubberized 60 or 80cm net.

Dropnet Extra 60cm

· Packed size: 35cm
· Weight: 665gr
· Mesh: 12mm

Dropnet Extra 80cm

· Packed size: 45cm
· Weight: 865gr
· Mesh: 12mm

Dropnet Xtra!

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A favourite among active anglers. It has become a must have product within the urban scene.