The Freestyle Dropshot’R is a unique rod designed specifically for dropshot fishing for perch, zander and pike. Made from 24-ton carbon, the rods have a sensitive Solid Tip with a fluorescent white tip, supported by good stability at the back. Incredibly unique to the Dropshot’r rods is the special grip area. The Dropshot’r has a soft TPU grip behind the reel seat that is uniquely shaped to hold any type of dropshot weight. This is a key design feature that solves a major problem for anglers with dropshot rigs where the weight normally just hangs down or loosely over the handle. With the Dropshot’r you can rest assured that you have a powerful rod with fantastic feedback and premium features that make it the rod of choice for dropshot fishing.

The Dropshot’R is a revolution for all dropshot anglers.

Now you can carry your rigged dropshot rod with ease with the Freestyle Dropshot Holder.


Key Features

Solid Tip

Never miss a bite with the white fluorescent solid tip!

Dropshot Holder

Specially designed locking system to secure your dropshot system.


Designed to perform where form meets function.


Ergonomic 3D designed handle.


Guide Rings

As with all Freestyle rods, the rings provide a smooth line feed.

Further information

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