FS8 Braid

FS8 offers optimal strength for the diameter thanks to the tightly woven strands. FS8 is an ideal choice for lure fishing due to its non-stretch properties, ensuring maximum feedback from the rod to the lure and optimum hooking potential. FS8 is designed for fishing in areas where snags are common and the line comes into contact with hard surfaces. The line is a little stiffer than other 8 braids on the market, but incredibly strong and durable.

Strong & Durable

For long life and peace of mind.

Further Information

Detailed information about the product can be found below.

CodeColourLength (m)Diameter (mm)Breaking Strain (kg)
5306 - 108Chartreuse125m0.08mm6,5kg
5306 - 110Chartreuse125m0.10mm8,4kg
5306 - 113Chartreuse125m0.13mm9,5kg
5306 - 116Chartreuse125m0.16mm11,5kg
5306 - 118Chartreuse125m0.18mm16,5kg
5306 - 120Chartreuse125m0.20mm19kg
5306 - 208Dark Green125m0.08mm6,5kg
5306 - 210Dark Green125m0.10mm8,4kg
5306 - 213Dark Green125m0.13mm9,5kg
5306 - 216Dark Green125m0.16mm11,5kg
5306 - 218Dark Green125m0.18mm16,5kg
5306 - 220Dark Green125m0.20mm19kg

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