FSi Rods

Made from a high modular 30T & 40T carbon blank, this small range of specialist rods are designed for short-range urban fishing with finesse rigs. Made using high-quality Japanese components, the FSi series is built to perform. For a full overview of the Freestyle, rod range click here. We recommend pairing the FSi Baitcasting rods with the Freestyle FSi Baitcaster reel.

Solid Tips

The Micro Lure versions of the FSi Rods both feature a Solid Tip.


Micro Lure Rods

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Light Jig Rods

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Light Jig BC Rods

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Versatile Jig Rods

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Versatile Jig BC Rods

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Key Features

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Further Information

Detailed information about the product can be found below.

ModelCodeLengthTransport LengthWeightCasting WeightGuide TypeSeat TypeSectionsGuides
Micro Lure2711 - 1951.95m1.05m87g0.5 - 4gK Frame & Alconite (Fuji)Fuji VSS28
Micro Lure2711 - 2052.05m1.06m92g1 - 8gK Frame & Alconite (Fuji)Fuji VSS28
Light Jig2711 - 2152.15m1.15m99g2 - 12gK Frame & Alconite (Fuji)Fuji VSS28
Light Jig BC2711 - 2162.15m1.15m112g2 - 12gK Frame & Alconite (Fuji)Fuji VSS210
X-Jig2711 - 2262.25m1.16m120g10 - 30gK Frame & Alconite (Fuji)Fuji VSS29
X-Jig2711 - 2462.40m1.26m125g10 - 30gK Frame & Alconite (Fuji)Fuji VSS29
Versatile2711 - 2252.25m1.16m110g7 - 24gK Frame & Alconite (Fuji)Fuji VSS29
Versatile2711 - 2452.45m1.26m117g7 - 24gK Frame & Alconite (Fuji)Fuji VSS29
Versatile BC2711 - 2172.15m1.15m120g7 - 24gK Frame & Alconite (Fuji)Fuji VSS210

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