Rigged Boxes

Store your lures, rigged.

Each Rigged Box has an EVA plate with slits on either side of the box allowing you to securely fix and hold your rigged lures by gripping the hook. It’s much easier to change lures when they are already rigged.

Where to buy?


With 4 different sizes available there is surely a box which matches your needs. The size S and M fit in all Freestyle bags, L will fit in the jigging back all our backpacks. XL can fit in all of our backpacks and it also features a tough handle for use without a bag. Each box has a water-resistant seal to stop dirt and water getting inside, meaning your Gamakatsu hook points stay as sharp as ever. Rigged boxes are double sided for maximum storage.  If you would like to see similar products you can find our full accessories range here.

Detail view of the Freestyle Rigged Box

4 Sizes available

The images below showcase all 4 sizes and layouts available.

Rigged Boxes S

Freestyle Rigged Box in Size S

Rigged Boxes M

Size M of the Freestyle Rigged Box

Rigged Boxes L

The Freestyle Rigged Box in Size L

Rigged Boxes XL

The XL Rigged Box by Freestyle
Rigged Boxes S6515-330015,4x10,6x4,5cm
Rigged Boxes M6515-320019x12x4cm
Rigged Boxes L6515-310022,8x16,8x5cm
Rigged Boxes XL6515-300028,2x21,6x6,6cm

Keep your rigged tackle in the best condition possible.