Skillz Reel V2

Robust & Powerful.

The SKILLZ reel series is designed and built around SPRO’s S-Drive gear system. The robust, powerful and smooth gear system enclosed in a compact aluminium frame. The surrounding reel housing and rotor are made from a high-quality graphite material to keep the weight at the ideal level to achieve perfect balance when used with SKILLZ rods.

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Technical Drawing - Freestyle Skillz Reel
ModelSizeWeightLine CapacityBBLine RetrieveGear Ratio
Skillz V21000210g150m / 0.13mm4+172cm5,2:1
Skillz V22000245g150m / 0.18mm4+184cm6,2:1

Sizes 1000 – 2000

  • Smooth S-Curve gear system
  • Aluminium handle
  • Multi-disk felt drag system
  • Aluminium shallow braid spool
  • Lightweight graphite housing & rotor

Next-gen Skillz V2 reels are tuned for all your urban tactics.