Solidz V2

The solid carbon blank used to make the Freestyle Solidz V2 are one of a kind. The solid carbon blanks make the rods incredibly strong and ‘almost’ impossible to break. The updated Solidz V2 range now includes casting weights from 1-8g, 15g and 30g. The range also features a new aggressive handle design and an updated range of colours available throughout all casting weights.

Seriously Strong.

Solid Carbon Blanks


Titan X

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Cosmic Plasma

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Aqua Blast

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Key Features

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Further Information

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CodeModelLengthTransport LengthWeightCasting WeightSectionsGuides
2929-1180TiTan X1,80m1,80m112g1-8g18
2929-1181Cosmic Plasma1,80m1,80m112g1-8g18
2929-1182Aqua Blast1,80m1,80m112g1-8g18
2929-1183TiTan X1,80m1,80m117g15g18
2929-1184Cosmic Plasma1,80m1,80m117g15g18
2929-1185Aqua Blast1,80m1,80m117g15g18
2929-1186TiTan X1,80m1,80m127g30g18
2929-1187Cosmic Plasma1,80m1,80m127g30g18
2929-1188Aqua Blast1,80m1,80m127g30g18