Reload Split Ring Plier

The Reload Split Ring Pliers features a unique long tooth which makes opening even the smallest of split rings incredibly easy. The longer tooth helps you find the centre of the ring quicker and makes gripping onto the split ring even easier. The pliers are spring-loaded with a locking arm. These are the ideal tool for reloading and building new rigs as they also include a very sharp braid cutter that cuts even the thinnest braided line, fluorocarbon and monofilament like butter. They work perfectly with split rings up to 7mm in diameter.

Compatible with FS Bags

Store in the plier slot or with a carabiner on the handle.


Key Features


Long Split Ring Tooth

Open split rings with ease.


Braid Cutter

Cuts even the finest line effortlessly.


Lock Clip

Safely reduce size for storage.


Spring Loaded Handles

Quality feeling in the hand.

Further Information

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4702 - 315Reload Split Ring Plier

Feature A
XL Split Ring Tooth
Feature B
Braid Cutter
Feature C
Lock Clip
Feature D
Spring Loaded Handles