Stems can be connected to our Punch Rig System on the Twist Connect Swivel to create an adjustable kick back rig. The Freestyle stems can be easily clicked on and off to quickly change the depth and weight of your rig. The stiff fluorocarbon keeps the rig off the bottom. By simply attaching an offset hook, similar to our Tocka rigs, the stems can be fished similarly to a dropshot rig.

Ready to go!

Build different rigs quickly and flexibly with the Freestyle Stems.

Key Features


Different sizes

Available in either 10cm or 20cm.



Features tough fluorocarbon and secure crimp connection.

Ready to fish

Easy to rig with Freestyle Jig Slips and Urban Prey Curl and Gamakatsu 330 hook.

Further Information

Detailed information about the product can be found below.

CodeLengthWeightWeight Colour
4589 - 85010cm5gBlack
4589 - 85110cm7gBlack
4589 - 85210cm10gBlack
4589 - 85310cm14gBlack
CodeLengthWeightWeight Colour
4589 - 86020cm5gBlack
4589 - 86120cm7gBlack
4589 - 86220cm10gBlack
4589 - 86320cm14gBlack

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