Titan Traces 7X

With a kink free Titanium leader, the highly durable Freestyle Titan Traces are the perfect pieces of terminal tackle when targeting larger predators. Each size is equipped with a black shrink wrap to protect the rig from snags.

Long Lasting Titanium Leader

Made to avoid snags, to never kink and to handle strong predators.


Titanium vs Steel Comparison

The difference is clear. Titanium costs more but can be used so many times over without kinking after every fish.


Key Features

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Further Information

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CodeLengthDiameterBreaking Strain
4590 - 04120cm0,24mm4kg
4590 - 04230cm0,24mm4kg
4590 - 04520cm0,30mm8kg
4590 - 04630cm0,30mm8kg

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Feature A
Fluorocarbon Snap
Feature B
Sealed Crimps
Feature C
Kink-Free Titanium Leader
Feature D