Product range

 Our products are aimed at the urban angler where mobility is key and to be successful you have to move with the fish. At Freestyle our product design team takes pride in developing functional specialist gear for active lure fishing within urban, street and harbour environments. We are proud to continue expanding our range and ultimately aim to help you cover more ground to explore new territory and stay mobile.

Our full product portfolio can be found here. You can sort through the different categories or alternatively use the search bar to search for specific products.

Featured Image - Face Scarf

Face Scarf

Featured Image - Rod Protector

Rod Protector

IPX Series - Freestyle

IPX Series

Featured Image - Litz

Litz Rods

Featured Image - Bullet Sinkers

Bullet Sinkers

Featured Image - Jika Jigs

Brass Jika Jigs

Freestyle Lite Mat

Lite Mat

Featured Image - Concept


Featured Image - Urban Prey

Urban Prey

Featured Image - Freestyle Gloves

Freestyle Gloves

Featured Image - Microfibre Towel

Microfibre Towel

Featured Image - Backpack 22

Backpack 22

Featured Image - Rigged Boxes

Reload Rigged Boxes

Featured Image - Hydrate Bottle Holder

Hydrate Bottle Holder

Featured Image - Storm Shield

Storm Shield

Featured Image - Reload Rigs

Reload Rigs / Fluorocarbon

Featured Image - Freestyle Terminal

Reload Terminal

Featured Image - Dropshot Pear

Dropshot Pears

Featured Image - Freestyle Classics

Classic Backpacks

Featured Image - Hydrate Bottle Clip

Hydrate Bottle Clip

Featured Image - Micro Jigs

Micro Jigs

Featured Image - Bottom Jigs

Tungsten Bottom Jigs

Featured Image - Caps


Ruler 120 with a huge catch

Ruler 120

Featured Image - SKILLZ Kits

Skillz Kits

Close up of the Freestyle Shades


Featured Image - Shoulder Bag V2

Shoulder Bag V2

Featured Image - City T-Shirts

City T-Shirts

Freestyle Hoodie - 04


The SPRO Freestyle Rigged Box

Rigged Boxes

Featured Image - Crewman


Featured Image - Flick Net

Flick Net

Close up image of the Backpack 25

Backpack 25

Featured Image - Jigging Bag V2

Jigging Bag V2

Side Bag by SPRO Freestyle

Side Bag

Freestyle - Recon Pliers

Recon Pliers

Xtender - Featured Image


USB Sense Optics

Sense Optics

Stephan using the Flip Net system

Flip Net System

SKILLZ Versatile - Close up

Skillz Rods

Get your Ultrafree Serie now


Rocky catching the fish with the Net Stick 300

Net Stick 300

Freestyle SOLIDZ -Aqua Blast - Bite


Find your Adventure with the Skillz Reel by Freestyle

Skillz Reel

The white Freestyle Dropshot Clip

Dropshot Clip

The Tall Drop Net Extra by Freestyle

Drop Net Xtra