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5 Innovative Terminal Tackle Components

By April 22, 2021Accessories

5 Innovative Terminal Tackle Components

At Freestyle our design team works tirelessly to offer urban anglers terminal tackle that brings out the best in their lures in the most challenging of environments. Urbanity.


Released in March 2021 the Tocka can simply be clipped on to your snap and worm hook. The result is a lure presented 10cm from the ground, suspended upon a crystal clear fluorocarbon stem with two Brass Bullets that can be set to rattle or silent with the stopper.


Released in March 2021 the Chatter Blades are available in 2 sizes. With a micro split ring plier such as the Folding Action Pliers, they can be added to our Micro Jigs, Bottom Jigs or Jika Jigs to add a “chatter” effect to your jig. Chatter blades can be easily re-used on other jigs, the possibilities are endless. Tip: Try using our smallest Chatter Blade on a Tungsten Jig head to create an extremely small Chatterbait!


Released in October 2020, Jig Slips allow you to create a skirted jig out of any rig. Whether it be dropshot, bottom jig, jighead or Jika, you can add a Jig Slip. The Jig Slips can be shortened for a cleaner presentation and stiffer action underwater.


Released December 2020, Level Weights add weight to soft lures so you can alter the sink rate and angle of your lure in the water. TIP: Add the tiny 0,3g weights to our micro Urban Prey Lures to create a horizontal sink when rigged on a Gamakatsu Worm hook. This rig is seriously ultra-light and can be fishing directly through snags and weed.


Released July 2020, Twitch Weights allow you to fish a “naked lure” simply rigged on a worm hook. This presentation gives your lures an incredibly natural look underwater as they move with the current, in and around snags. Available in weights of 0.5, 1.0 & 1.5g. The weights are interchangeable.


Our terminal tackle range is growing. Every year Freestyle offers you more products to customize your lures and rigs so you can get the most out of them. If you have any questions about certain rigs, send us a message or ask our community of urban anglers on our Facebook Group “Freestyle Social Chat

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