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                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 
                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 
                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 

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Dropshot Angling in Winter

By January 21, 2020General

Winter Dropshotting – Overview


Fishing during the winter period can be difficult yet effective when using the correct approach. Utilizing the Drop shot technique can prove very productive during the colder months. The fish tend to be deeper which makes them a fantastic target using the drop shot technique. 

For those people looking for an overview of what to bring while out for a short drop shot session then read on.

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What should be in the bag?

The perfect bag for this kind of targeting fishing session. The side bag is small and light, it comes with 3 tackle boxes and fits our Reload Rigged Box M perfectly in the front pocket!

We would recommend always keeping a very light fluorocarbon for fishing with micro lures and a heavier one for situations where snags are abundant and fishing with larger hooks and lures.

These two hook sizes are perfect for the two sizes of Urban Prey lures. The #10 for the smaller lures and the #4 for the larger lures.

These lures are made from a very buoyant material. On the dropshot rig they are perfectly balanced so when you fish the lure very slowly the lure sits in a natural horizontal position! The slim body of the lures makes them ideal for this kind of fishing is relatively small hooks and maximised the enticing action of the lure.

With these two weights you are covered for fishing ultralight under boats and structures as well as fishing in more open water where there is a light flow to it and you need to use a heavier weight to keep control. The brass drop shot pears are reflection resistant meaning they offer more stealth when fishing in the clear water conditions associated with cold weather. These special weights also make it easy to adjust the depth that your lure is fished as well as allowing the weight to break free if snagged saving your rig from breaking off!

An ideal tool for attaching to any rod. It holds the dropshot weight in place when moving from spot to spot!


We recommend using a rod with a very fine tip. For ultra-light drop shotting, a micro lure rod will do the trick such as a rod from the SKILLZ range. These short rods are ideal for drop shotting directly under boats or close to harbour walls from a vertical position. For heavier drop shotting, we recommend a specifically designed drop shot rod such as those found in our Concept range. These rods feature a solid tip which delivers incredible bite indication and a nice action to the lure through the slightest of movements.
Concept Rod Drop Shot


As urban drop shotting is generally close range and the rods light weight we recommend a reel no bigger an 2000. A 1000 is perfect for this kind of fishing.  Check out our SKILLZ reels, they are extremely compact and light!

Freestyle Skillz Reel - Blog

Landing Net?

When fishing urban spots, always make sure you could potentially land the fish from where you are fishing. As many spots can be quite high above the water level we recommend a long landing net handle. Check out our Flip Net System, the net head can also be adjusted to suit a vertical angle! Alternatively, we have a seriously innovative Drop Net available which can be used to land fish from as high as 10 meters.
Freestyle Flip Net - Blog

Landing Mat?

Essential for fishing in urban environments where soft ground can be hard to find. The Lite Mat clips on to the side bag and it is hardly noticeable while fishing but always there when you need it.
Freestyle Lite Mat - Blog

Which Rig?

Click here to see the step by step guide how to tie an easy dropshot rig. It is important to leave at least 40cm of fluorocarbon between the hook and your braided line connection.