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Mobility in Focus

By April 16, 2020Rods

Mobility in Focus

Some things need a detailed description to understand the real meaning behind them. When I first heard about the idea behind the Freestyle Xtender rod, a shake of the head was the only reaction I could consider. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking a telescopic rod in my hand again after 15 years was completely unimaginable and I quickly dismissed the idea of fishing with it.

A few months later, I began planning a tour to Spain, fishing for smallmouth bass and the question was, which rod should I take with me? Due to the many blank connections, classic travel rods often have the same problem as a telescopic rod. By interrupting the blank, the rod loses a lot of its natural action and light bites find it difficult to pass through to the hand. So I ordered the 7-24g Xtender model in 2.10m. A decision that I did not regret a single bit.

The handle is split in two places. Once directly above the handle for the telescopic section and once over 2/3 of the entire length. This lets the rod retain the same sensitivity and action as a two-part rod, but with the compactness of a travel rod. This makes the rod a brilliant companion for travel and city fishing.

Packed easily in a suitcase, it travelled with me to Spain, where I fished with 14g bullet lead, skirted jigs and large creature baits. I could feel every small stone and ground contact through the rod and it didn’t take long for the first black bass to attack. The rod confidently tamed the fish and I was able to hold my first ever bass!

Even today while in the city, I like to take my Xtender to the water. Especially on the trains, a long rod can quickly become an obstacle, while the Xtender is compactly attached to the backpack or can be put between the legs and be packed without any problems and without risking injury to other passengers.

The Xtender is one of the biggest surprises I’ve experienced in my time with Freestyle. In the beginning, admittedly, I was not a fan of the idea, but when I used it, it completely turned me. It’s no surprise more and more friends of mine have this rod in their collection.

I wish you all good health and a lot of success!