Adjustable Dropshot System

The Dropshot rig, re-invented. An instantly adjustable depth dropshot rig without the hassle of multiple complicated dropshot knots. We have developed an extra long stopper with super high friction that can be simply slid up and down fluorocarbon or titanium wire with a minimum thickness of 0.30mm. The stoppers can completely contact each other while holding the hook for a fixed hook rig or can be slightly moved a part to allow the hook spin 360 degrees around the line. No more excess line at the end of the jig or having to cut excess line from near the weight.

Rigged, ready.

Easily adjusted at any point of the session.


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Adjustable Dropshot Systems

The essentials to make our adjustable dropshot rig.

The package includes;

3 x sets of high friction stoppers
2 x mixed Rig Pears


Adjustable Dropshot Stoppers

A must-have for your terminal tackle box.

The package includes;

5 x sets of high friction stoppers


Key Features

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Slider_Adjustable_Dropshot_System_open Slider_Adjustable_Dropshot_System_closed

Further Information

Detailed information about the product can be found below.

CodeProductMaterialsWeightsRecommended HookMinimum Wire/Fluorocarbon
4589 - 621Adjustable Dropshot SystemSilicone, Brass5+7g Rig PearsGamakatsu Worm 390,30mm
4589 - 622Adjustable Dropshot SystemSilicone, Brass7+10g Rig PearsGamakatsu Worm 390,30mm
4589 - 623Adjustable Dropshot SystemSilicone, Brass10+14g Rig PearsGamakatsu Worm 390,30mm
4589 - 620Adjustable Dropshot StoppersSiliconeN/AGamakatsu Worm 390,30mm

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Feature A
Adjustable Position
Feature B
Silicone Material
Feature C
Tied Knot
Feature D
Rig Pear