Backpack 25

Backpack to shoulder bag in seconds.

Backpack 25 is a new concept for fishing rucksacks. It can be worn as either a classic backpack for long treks or as a shoulder bag for quick access. The backpack is supplied with 4 tackle boxes which can be accessed from either side of the bag. The front of the bag features a hidden rod holder, which combines very well with our Xtender rod series.

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Backpack 25 has a large front flap which can be opened to access all your tackle easily. Generally, bags have a black interior finish. we decided against this and chose our iconic blue colour, this contrasts very well with our products meaning everything is easily visible in the bag. In the main compartment of the bag are two high-quality zip pockets. One is equipped with a transparent plastic zip pocket great for safely storing your travel essentials. The second is a mesh zip pocket perfect for storing terminal tackle such as our reload product range. We really focussed on the small details from using high quality zips with easy grip branded rubber pullers through to using reflective materials to ensure you are visible while night fishing in the city.

Backpack 25 open and closed

Inside the main compartment is a divider wall. This can be closed and flattened allowing full access to the Backpack 25. The divider can also be used to create two compartments, this is useful when you want to store your essential items in the top section of the bag for quick access. The bag also features 4x Freestyle tackle boxes. These can be accessed quickly on both sides of the bag especially used as a shoulder bag.

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Technical Drawing - Backpack 25
Technical Drawing - Backpack 25
CodeDimensionsPrimary Colour
6205 80027x42x13cmGrey

Backpack 25

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Great backpack for reaching your city fishing spots in comfort.