Chibi Chibi

The Chibi Chibi Twitchbait is designed for short to medium range fishing in deeper urban areas such as along harbour walls, sheet piling or near bridges and canals. Despite its size, the Chibi Chibi dives very quickly, allowing you to fish the water column at low speeds. The incredibly unpredictable action provides a dynamic action that attracts active predators, especially perch. The inner polygon structure shines through the transparent colour, giving the Chibi Chibi an attractive reflective effect that is truly unique. The different colour patterns make the lure look incredibly natural, so even experienced and large fish will not be suspicious. It is rigged with world class Gamakatsu Treble 13 #10 hooks.

Chibi Chibi – Twitchbait for the city!

This is what all Streetfishers have been waiting for: a small twitchbait with great depth, attractive patterns, incredible flight characteristics and excellent hooks.


Available in 8 Colours

Swipe to see the various colours of the Freestyle Chibi Chibi.

Key Features


8 uniquely attractive colour options.

Running Depth

2m Running Depth dives fast but has a slower sinking body.


Gamakatsu Hooks

Sharp Treble 13 #10 Gamakatsu Hooks.

Further Information

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