Flick Net Head Alu

The Flick Net Head Alu is an aluminium net head with an integrated Flick Net System bracket for easy and effective folding. The Flick Net Heads have a solid structure achieved by a strong aluminium frame and a thick coated net. The Flick Net Heads have a unique shaped head that is perfect for landing fish from a height due to its long shape. The Flick Net head fits perfectly with the Flick Net handles, which have a solid brass thread to ensure a strong and durable connection to the landing net head. The mesh size of 20x6mm is perfect for any urban angler.

Lightweight and rugged!

The Flick Net Head Aluminium has a very light yet strong frame.


Key Features


Aluminium Frame

Flick Net Function

Features the popular Freestyle Flick Net function.



Mesh – 20 x 6mm.

Screw Thread

Suitable for any Freestyle Net handle.


Tapered Frame

Ideal for compact transport size when folded.

Further Information

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