Flick Net

The Flick Net series is part of the Freestyle net collection featuring the classic single lock mechanism that makes preparing your net a breeze. The built-in clip allows you to store the folded net on your belt or your bag when needed.

Fixed Length


The Flick Net fixed length is ideal for when space is limited. The fixed-length nets are available in either a 1.05m or 1.55m total length, providing plenty of length for netting your fish safely. The net/blocks are made from aluminium and arrive standard with a high-quality 12mm rubberized mesh and rubber grip. The Freestyle Flick Net can be clipped to your belt or accessories with the included clip. The main feature of the Flick Net is the block design. You can simply flick the net from the closed position and the mechanism will lock in place securely.

Flick Net - Fixed Length



When the Fixed length Freestyle Flick Nets don’t provide enough length, the telescopic version have you covered. The telescopic nets can extend to either 1.45m or 2.10m, ideal for areas where you need an extended reach to net your fish safely. Even when fully extended, the block holds firm when netting your prized fish. The Flip Net system is ideal for anglers who require an even longer reach.

Flick Net - Telescopic

Further Information

Detailed information about the product can be found below.

CodeModelTransport Length (m)Length (m)Dimensions (cm)Weight (g)
3232 - 27Flick Net - Fixed Length57cm1.05m50 x 40 x 30cm450g
3232 - 29Flick Net - Fixed Length86cm1.55m70 x 50 x 50cm600g
CodeModelTransport Length (m)Extended Length (m)Dimensions (cm)Weight (g)
3232 - 28Flick Net - Telescopic64cm1.45m50 x 40 x 30cm480g
3232 - 30Flick Net - Telescopic86cm2.10m70 x 50 x 50cm695g

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