Flip Net

360° Mobility.

The Flip Net head is built with a special block which allows it to flip 360 degrees when unscrewed. This makes the net extremely compact and secure to carry. The flip net also comes in handy when trying to net fish from a high urban bank such as a harbour or a tidal river. In these situations, the net head can be turned to a 45 or even 90-degree angle used in a similar way to our dropnet. This flat angle is also perfect for releasing a fish by simply lowering it into the water, letting it rest and then swim away! You can find similar products on our nets page.

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Flip Net System

Please note: The head and handle are sold as separate products.

Flip Net System

Flip Net Head


50x40 cm50 cm
60x45 cm50 cm

Flip Net Handle


Extended SizePacked SizeWeight
280 cm50 cm200 gr
400 cm60 cm250 gr

The Flip Net System

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Compact, functional and high-quality net system. Gets the job done effortlessly.