Flick Net Carbon

The SPRO Freestyle Flick Net Carbon features an updated aluminium block design which locks from both sides, making the net easy to carry. Both net variations feature a slim telescopic carbon handle for an extended reach. The new handle mechanism features a robust aluminium screw lock connection, preventing the net from extending while on the move. Use one hand to flick the block open, unscreen the screw thread and extend.

Strong Screw Lock


A highlight feature of the Flick Net Carbon is the aluminium screw lock. This ensures that the telescopic handle is securely locked when not in use.

Flick Net Carbon - Screw Lock Detail

Telescopic 3.00 / 4.00m


The Flick Net Carbon telescopic range is perfect for when space is limited. The nets are available in either a 3.00m or 4.00m variation, giving you plenty of reach to net your fish safely.


Rubberized Net


The Freestyle Drop Net v2 features 20mm PE mesh with a rubberised coating that makes netting fish easily. The nets are robust and designed for long-term use. These nets are designed for catch-and-release fishing, ideal for being gentle on the fish. The rubberised netting makes the Freestyle Flick Net Carbon odourless and free from hooks or tangles. The depth of the nets is 45cm, making them perfect for catching large pike.

Flick Net Carbon - Net Detail

Key Features


Aluminium Block Design

The block locks from both sides, which prevents the net from opening while closed.


Belt Clip

Durable aluminium clip makes it easy to attach to a belt letting you fish hands-free.


Butt Section

An EVA foam insert in the butt section prevents the carbon sections from being damaged while on the move.


Net Mesh

Durable Rubberised 20mm Mesh.


Screw Lock

An Aluminium Screw lock keeps the telescopic handle securely locked when not in use.

CodeModelLength (m)Transport Length (m)SectionsDimensions (cm)Weight (g)
3232 - 49Flick Net Carbon3.00m0.69m365 x 45 x 45cm550g
3232 - 50Flick Net Carbon4.00m0.69m465 x 45 x 45cm680g

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