Lure Loop

Prolong the life of your favourite soft lures, with the Freestyle Lure Loops. Designed to be used with a Gamakatsu 330 Hook (The Gamakatsu Worm 330 Hook is a classic all-around model among offset hooks. It is equipped with a medium-wide bow and is therefore suitable for the use of wormlike baits, crayfish and soft lures), simply screw the Lure Loop into the head of the soft lure, and thread the hook through the loop, then into the lure. No more slits in the head of your preferred bait of choice after a bite.

Use on an Offset Hook


Use on a Dropshot Hook


How to use

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Further Information

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CodeMaterialLengthWidthQty per Pack
4590 - 30Stainless Steel8mm3mm10

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