Responsive. Sensitive. Lightweight.

A full range of light lure fishing rods offering incredible value. Available from 1.8 to 2.4m in various specifications, there is a rod for all kinds of light lure fishing. The rods are built with a single leg guide reducing weight and a unique hook keeper which doubles up as a dropshot/bottom jig keeper. Litz rods are designed to be paired with the Litz reel series for improved balance and usability. For a full overview of the Freestyle rod range click here.

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Litz Ultra Light

The Litz Ultra Light rods are designed to be used with micro jigs up to 3g in weight. The rods offer excellent value for money while still delivering the performance and action needed to keep control of tiny jigs.

Litz - Ultra Light

Litz Dropshot

The Litz dropshot rods are available in 3 lengths and feature an exceptionally sensitive solid white tip section for detecting even the subtlest of bites. The rods have a casting class of up to 12g or 18g. So fishing with even light 3g dropshot weights is possible.

Litz - Dropshot

Litz Light Jig

We designed the Litz Jigging rods to be light weight, versatile and well balanced offering excellent bite transmission when jigging for many hours. The new blanks respond very well to bites and ground contact, essential when jigging softbaits along the bottom.

Litz - Light Jig

Litz Light Spin

Comfortably cast up to 21g all day long with the Litz light spin rods. The rods offer sensitivity and backbone perfect for setting the hook while fishing an active lure.

Litz - Light Spin
ModelCodeLengthTransport LengthWeightCasting WeightSectionsGuides
Ultra Light2109-1811,80m0,95m90g10g28
Ultra Light2109-2112,10m1,10m100g10g29
Ultra Light2109-2412,40m1,25m108g10g29
ModelCodeLengthTransport LengthWeightCasting WeightSectionsGuides
ModelCodeLengthTransport LengthWeightCasting WeightSectionsGuides
Light Jig2109-1831,80m0,95m96g14g27
Light Jig2109-2132,10m1,10m107g14g29
Light Jig2109-2432,40m1,25m111g14g29
ModelCodeLengthTransport LengthWeightCasting WeightSectionsGuides
Light Spin2109-1841,80m0,95m95g21g27
Light Spin2109-2142,10m1,10m110g21g28
Light Spin2109-2442,40m1,25m136g21g29

Lightweight rods at an excellent value.