Bullet Sinkers

The perfect match for Urban Prey lures.

The Bullet Sinkers match perfectly with the Urban Prey lure series. When rigged with a Gamakatsu 330 hook it is possible to fish the lures weedless, ideal for fishing in the summer or in snaggy areas. The full range of Freestyle terminal tackle can be found here.

Where to buy?

Tungsten Bullet Sinkers

The premium sinkers are made from tungsten which results in an incredibly small sinker for each weight. Each pack includes a pair of clear glass beads in a size which perfectly matches each weight. Simply add a Gamakatsu worm hook to create a professional Texas or Carolina rig.

Bullet Sinkers - Tungsten
Bullet Sinkers - Brass

Brass Bullet Sinkers

The matte black coated brass sinkers are supplied with a clear glass bead in the correct size per weight. Simply add a Gamakatsu worm hook to create a professional texas or Carolina rig.

Key Features

Product NameCodeWeightBead
Tungsten Bullet Sinker4589-4303.5g6mm
Tungsten Bullet Sinker4589-4315g6mm
Tungsten Bullet Sinker4589-4327g8mm
Tungsten Bullet Sinker4589-43310.5g8mm
Product NameCodeWeightBead
Brass Bullet Sinker4589-4203g6mm
Brass Bullet Sinker4589-4215g6mm
Brass Bullet Sinker4589-4227g8mm
Brass Bullet Sinker4589-42310g8mm
Brass Bullet Sinker4589-42414g8mm

Premium bullet sinkers made from either tungsten or brass.