Microfibre Towel

Compact, moisture-wicking fabric.

The Freestyle Microfibre Towel is comfortable and easy to use. The micro fibre polyester is perfect for polishing glasses, drying lures and drying hands due to its fast wicking textile structure. The towel can also be detached from the pouch and machine washed. You can view the full accessory range here.

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Product Overview

Slide right or left to visualise how the clip function works. We recommend hand washing your microfibre towel. Simply soak in cool or warm water using your hands to help agitate the towel to release the dirt and grime. Rinse well and airdry the towel.

Comparison Slider - Microfibre Towel Connected Comparison Slider - Microfibre Towel Disconnected

Usage Examples

4702 50315g30x30cm (Microfibre Towel)

A portable, compact and convenient Microfibre Towel.