Reload Rigs & Fluorocarbon

Always prepared.

We’ve all been there, snagging in the blistering cold and having to focus for too long on re-tying your rig. These ready-made rigs are built with the highest quality components and feature a slim reload spool that fits nicely in your bag. For more Terminal Tackle click here.

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Reload Jigging Rigs

Made with premium Freestyle Reload Fluorocarbon these rigs are great to use when targeting Zander and Perch on jigs. The rigs range from Ultra-Light to Heavy jigging and feature our Reload Snaps. Each pack comes with 3 complete rigs tied to a Reload Connection Ring to make set-up a breeze.

Reload - Jigging Rigs

Reload Dropshot Rigs

Hand tied with our Freestyle DSG hooks and Reload Fluorocarbon. The rigs are 68cm long with the hook tied in the middle. Simply attach a lure and a Freestyle DS Pear weight and your ready to go. Each rig has a connection ring to attach to the mainline with a half blood knot. 3 rigs per rig board.

Reload - Dropshot Rigs

Reload Fluorocarbon

A thoroughly tested and highly durable fast sinking fluorocarbon. The hard properties of the line enhances feedback and makes it highly resistant against snags and rocks. The slim spools take up limited space in your luggage.

How to rig the 3 products

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Reload Jigging Rigs


Reload Jigging Rigs4590 10.18mm
Reload Jigging Rigs4590 20.22mm
Reload Jigging Rigs4590 30.28mm
Reload Jigging Rigs4590 40.32mm
Reload Jigging Rigs4590 50.35mm

Reload Dropshot Rig


ModelCodeDiameterHook Size
Reload Dropshot Rig4590 110.18mm12
Reload Dropshot Rig4590 120.18mm10
Reload Dropshot Rig4590 130.22mm8
Reload Dropshot Rig4590 140.26mm6
Reload Dropshot Rig4590 150.28mm4

Reload Fluorocarbon


ModelCodeDiameterm/spoolBreaking Strength (kg)
Reload Fluorocarbon5143 180.18mm15m2.57kg
Reload Fluorocarbon5143 220.22mm15m3.53kg
Reload Fluorocarbon5143 260.26mm15m4.25kg
Reload Fluorocarbon5143 280.28mm15m5.15kg
Reload Fluorocarbon5143 310.31mm15m6.28kg
Reload Fluorocarbon5143 350.35mm15m7.52kg

Made with premium Freestyle components.