Reload Terminal

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The reload range is designed for performance. The Fluorocarbon snaps are available in incredibly small sizes, the connection rings make urban snag stress a thing of the past and our hooks are made by Gamakatsu.

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Our snaps are designed for use with fluorocarbon. The smaller end of the snap where the fluorocarbon is tied to is tight to avoid too much movement and the larger end for the jighead or lure is wider to allow lots of free movement. The snaps are made to incredibly small sizes great for ultra-light fishing.

Freestyle - Fluorocarbon Snaps


Tieing fluorocarbon to braided mainline is a thing of the past. Now you can pre-rig your jigging leaders or dropshot rigs before you leave for the water. After a snag, simply connect a new rig with a simple half blood knot! The rings have been rounded over and over to create a smooth edge that doesn’t damage your line.

Freestyle - Connection Rings


Our new DSG Hooks are designed specifically for lure fishing. They are perfect for dropshot rigs and also for use with our Bottom Jigs. The range also features 3 Micro DSG hooks for use with lures as small as 2cm. Our DSG hooks are made by Gamakatsu in Japan. Quality, strength and performance.


Freestyle - Micro DSG Dropshot Hooks


Freestyle - DSG Dropshot Hooks

Fluorocarbon Snaps


Fluorocarbon Snaps4590 223mm
Fluorocarbon Snaps4590 233.5mm
Fluorocarbon Snaps4590 244mm
Fluorocarbon Snaps4590 254.5mm

Connection Rings


Connection Rings4590 212mm

DSG Micro Hooks


ModelCodeHook Size
DSG Micro Hooks4590 3112
DSG Micro Hooks4590 3210
DSG Micro Hooks4590 338

DSG Hooks


ModelCodeHook Size
DSG Hooks4590 346
DSG Hooks4590 354

A terminal range designed for the urban lure scene.