Skillz Rods v2

Responsive. Sensitive. Lightweight.

The second-generation SKILLZ series is designed using the same specifications as the original series. Development of the series has been focused on the blank strength of the rods. In hand, the rods are very light and feature a slightly more responsive action than the previous generation. The range now includes additional baitcaster rods and a new Light Lure model with a casting weight between Micro Lure and Versatile. For a full overview of the Freestyle rod range click here.

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Light Rods for Big Fish

The blanks used on the SKILLZ rods have been fine-tuned for over 10 years, the original blanks were designed for the much loved SPRO Addiction rods. This process has provided the incredibly powerful but very light blank used on the SKILLZ v2 rods. We have received lots of feedback from our customers who have managed to land quite incredible fish on these very light blanks. Perch to over 50cm, Pike over 100cm and Catfish over 130cm have all been verified to have been landed with the SKILLZ rods.


Micro Lure Rods

Skillz Rods V2 - Micro Lure

Micro Lure BC Rods

Skillz Rods V2 - Micro Lure BC

Light Lure Rods

Skillz Rods V2 - Light Lure

Light Lure BC Rods

Skillz Rods V2 - Light Lure BC

Versatile Rods

Skillz Rods V2 - Versatile

Dropshot Rods

Skillz Rods V2 - Dropshot

The Skillz Rods are designed to be used in combination with the Freestyle Skillz reels. Click here to visit the reel page.

ModelCodeLengthTransport LengthWeightCasting WeightSectionsGuides
Micro Lure2227 - 1901.90m0.98m84g0.5 - 4g28
Micro Lure2227 - 1911.90m0.98m88g1 - 8g28
Micro Lure2227 - 2102.10m0.98m93g1 - 8g28
Micro Lure BC2227 - 2002.00m1.04m85g1 - 8g210
Light Lure2227 - 2112.10m1.04m100g3 - 14g28
Light Lure BC2227 - 2012.00m1.08m95g3 - 14g210
Versatile2227 - 1801.80m1.08m95g7 - 24g27
Versatile2227 - 2022.00m1.08m105g7 - 24g28
Versatile2227 - 2202.20m1.08m115g7 - 24g28
Versatile2227 - 2402.40m1.04m130g7 - 24g29
Versatile BC2227 - 2152.15m1.04m110g7 - 24g210
Dropshot2227 - 2122.10m1.04m93g14g28
Dropshot2227 - 2412.40m1.04m118g21g29

Next-gen blank technology and now includes additional baitcaster rods and a new Light Lure model.