Twitch Weights

Freestyle Custom Terminal.

Ultra-light pure. Twitch weights can be used in several ways. Simply attach them to your line and set the distance in front of a weightless hooked lure for a natural lure action. Change the weights by simply sliding open the stoppers. Each weight is made from brass and includes a lasered weight symbol for easy recognition.

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Rigged and Ready

Available in 0,5 / 1,0 / 1,5g these tiny brass weights are perfect for fishing with a “naked” hook to get the most out of your lures in a truly ultra-light presentation.

Twitch Weights - SPRO Freestyle - Detail
4589 - 6010.5gBrass
4589 - 6021.0gBrass
4589 - 6031.5gBrass

How to: Twitch Weights

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Makes adjusting weights easy.