There’s free, then there’s Ultrafree.

The Ultrafree Belt system frees your shoulders, allowing you to fish and explore in ultimate comfort. The belt can be extended to a 140cm waist size and features a double pocket pouch and a back cushion. The strap has a plier holder and two hanging loops for accessories such as our drop net or pouches.

The range also includes the Ultrafree Box Pouch and the Ultrafree Lure Pouch which can either clip on to the Ultrafree Belt or be used as individually. The Lure Pouch has two foam boards inside for your pre-rigged lures and the Box Pouch comes complete with a tackle box so you can carry and have easy access to the box directly on your belt.

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Ultrafree Belt

Freeing your shoulders, allowing you to fish and explore in ultimate comfort.

Freestyle Ultrafree Belt

Ultrafree Box Pouch

One of our simplest and most functional bags ever. This Ultrafree Box Pouch includes one tackle box and features open pockets on the front for pliers, fluorocarbon and snaps. The tackle box is interchangeable with many other freestyle products due to its universal box size. The Pouch includes a removable carabiner and belt strap to connect to the trousers or the Ultrafree Belt.

Freestyle Ultrafree Box Pouch

Ultrafree Lure Pouch

An extremely compact lure pouch featuring two foam boards to store pre-rigged lures and a central PVC pocket to store fluorocarbon or snaps. The back features a removable carabiner and belt strap which can be fixed on the trousers or our Ultrafree Belt.

Freestyle Ultrafree Lure Pouch

Ultrafree range introduction.

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The Ultrafree range. Breaking the stereotype.