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                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 
                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 

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Street Fishing

By November 17, 2020General

What is Street Fishing?

Roaming the city streets with your rod, reel and angling gear is guaranteed to attract a certain amount of attention. You can feel the eyes of passers-by wondering what you’re doing there. Traditionally anglers are thought to be hidden away in the countryside never to be seen by city dwellers, but in recent years things have been changing.

With populations increasingly moving from rural to urban centres the landscape is dramatically transforming into an urban world. This development has made ‘Urban Fishing’ increasingly popular due to the immediacy in which urban fishing can be accessed and performed.

While not for everyone, fishing within the city limits offers many benefits of modern society. It’s easy to find a quick snack while on the move and whatever the situation you are close to essential amenities. For anglers without a car, the city is also a perfect base to meet likeminded anglers.

The Transformation

Large urban areas used to heavily rely on canal and river networks to transport goods to and from their docks, harbours and factories. Over the years, industries in many European cities have steadily declined, leaving the waterways alone for decades.

In recent years modern cities have been transforming. The harbours and many waterways have been converted into retail, bar and restaurant space, leaving the water mostly untouched. This has resulted in many areas turning into an endless snag minefield for fishermen. Although these areas are tough to fish in without losing your terminal tackle, they are known for being large breeding grounds for predators.

At night the cities and harbours stay alive. The street lights reflect the cityscape like mirrors on the surface of the calm water. Random splashes break the surface now and then as a predator attacks its prey.

The banks are sometimes high and the bridges low. Urban areas are manmade for living and working and were never planned for fishing in. I guess that is one of the main attractions to the discipline, it feels kind of dangerous with an element of mischief.

Urban fishing is about being comfortable while actively angling. Covering a large amount of ground, and about exploring the mysterious corners of the concrete jungles to find your perfect spot. Rod in one hand, bag over the shoulder, net clipped on and on the move.

What do Urban Anglers Say?

We asked our Freestyle Social members to sum up in a short paragraph what urban fishing means to them.

For me, Street fishing is simply forgetting everyday life. Being able to concentrate on other things next to the water and mostly have fun. It is not always about the big fish, it is more about having a break from the stressful world of work.

Mike Eichhorst, Germany

Armed with a light rod, focused on perch and zander and finding peace in the middle of the busy centre of Amsterdam. Carrying only a lightly packed backpack and a telescopic landing net, looking for the maximum power of a predator fish. For me, that's the thrill of Urban Fishing.

Jochem de Wit, Netherlands

“The quest for something monstrous that really shouldn’t be there, but sometimes is, in the most unlikely places and spots... Monsters reside amongst the urban sprawl.

Russell Fitzpatrick, UK

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