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                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 
                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 
                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 

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The Dropnet Xtra

By March 2, 2020Nets

The Dropnet Xtra – The net that changed everything

I still remember the exact moment I got into street fishing. My first session amongst the fleet in downtown Hamburg felt like a completely new experience for me. The fact that I could fish in the middle of the city between Gucci and Armani was something completely fascinating. Urbanity meets fishing.

Petri Turk - 01

The first attempts were of course very difficult as anyone would understand fishing in a new environment, after watching some videos and implementing some new techniques I found the way to success through trying out the colossal catalogue of different rigs. It didn’t take long to enjoy my first successful session while fishing the dropshot rig.

Petri Turk - 02

At this time I trekked through the city with a very large and uncomfortable kit. In my left hand my fishing rod on my shoulder my bag and in my right hand a large heavy landing net. It was really exhausting and to the spectator passing by, it looked very uncomfortable and impractical. It is hard to stay motivated when your gear is uncomfortable. It was really very tedious to open and close all of your equipment again and again and to open heavy folding framed net with every fish and screw it down and then pull it up again. Through some research and friends working in the fishing shop I found out about the Dropnet Xtra 80 from Freestyle. When I looked at the dropnet for the first time I was fascinated. It was a revolution for me to be able to quickly fold up a lightweight frame with a diameter of 80 cm down to 40 cm and attach it to the bag. It’s not so obvious but it makes a huge difference to finally have your hands free and not have to think again and again whether you have forgotten your net at the previous spot or not.

Petri Turk - 03

Since then, the Spro Freestyle brand has fascinated me in such a way that my fishing equipment and my way of life changed. Little by little my fishing equipment became more uniform, which then also significantly affected my actions in the city. I exchanged my side bag for the backpack, my freestyle fishing rods and my beloved Dropnet Xtra! Finally found its perfect place on the side of my backpack. It made a ton of difference. At last I no longer looked like a packhorse and even simply having the ability to hang things on my luggage removed the annoyance of taking the essential large gear on a session.

Petri Turk - 04

For me it is a revolution when you design something fantastic out of a very old and unchanged thing that really makes life easier. Thanks to SPRO for creating this experience.

Denis Erbil

Petri Turk - 05