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The Lite Mat, Forget it.

By April 30, 2020General

The Lite Mat, Forget it.

The unhooking mat has been a trusted and essential piece of carp equipment for years. Large foam mats weighing over a kilo were designed solely for static fishing and even if they did feature a clever compact design, it was mainly for storage in either a car or shed.

To design the most compact unhooking mat, we needed to create a product that active lure anglers would want to use all the time. The mat did not have to have the vast amounts of protection that larger mats found in the carp scene had to offer, but it did have to protect the fish from harder grounds.

The mat had to fit the following specifications:

  • Smaller than 15cm diameter when rolled.
  • Weigh less than 300g.
  • Printed ruler larger than 70cm (An optimum size for most European countries).
  • Can roll in a way that keeps the dirt and moisture inside.
  • Carabiner for clipping onto D-rings.
  • RRP under 20 EUR.

The result was a mat that hit all the specifications. The main characteristic of the product is its inner filling. The filling we use is a polyester fibre which is different from the one block of foam found in traditional mats. Not only are the polyester fibres very lightweight but it also allows the mat to be compressed and rolled in a remarkably compact size.

The aim was to create an unhooking mat that was the go-to mat for any lure angler. The reality is, the Lite Mat has become the mat you can forget about! That is was makes the Lite Mat so special. It is very compact and lightweight, it can hang on your bag and you won’t even notice its there until you need it.

We hope you get the chance to try out the Lite Mat and join the thousands of European anglers that carry one.