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The Reel for Urbanity

By October 9, 2020Reels

When we planned the design of the SKILLZ V2 we set up a detailed specification that if met, would create an outstanding reel for light lure fishing.

Size & Weight

The SKILLZ V2 is available in two sizes, 1000 and 2000. Below you can see a comparison of the overall size and weight. One important factor is the reel’s weight. We needed to create a reel that offers fantastic balance when used in combination with the new SKILLZ V2 light lure rods. The result is a reel which weighs 210g and 245g. When paired with the correct length SKILLZ rods creates a perfect combination.

For the 1000 size, we recommend the Skillz rods between 1.90 and 2.10m, the 2000 size reel pairs perfectly with the 2.20 and 2.40m Skillz rods.

Solid Gear Housing

A unique aspect of the SKILLZ V2 reel is its solid gear housing. Although the reel housing and rotor are manufactured almost completely from graphite, the gear system is housed in a compact aluminium skeleton.

The aluminium gear housing ensures the gear system runs very smooth in all temperatures. Whether you are fishing in the height of summer or winter the SKILLZ V2 will run consistently.

We have also included a high quality Japanese stainless steel pinion bearing which adds to the consistent feel of the gears.

Three Spoke Drag System 

This unique 3 spoke drag makes finely adjusting simple and adds to the SKILLZ V2 aggressive design. We have also made the drag knob oversized which increases the reels overall user-friendliness.

The drag system is sealed with a waterproof rubber collar to ensure the drag stays dry and keeps any fine dust out.

Screw-in Handle

This precise screw-in handle with reversed thread stays tight throughout use and adds to the overall feeling of the reel. This adds to the reels “tight” feeling as every part within the reel is engineered to very high tolerances.

The aluminium handle is perfectly balanced meaning the reel stays stable during use, again adding to the great overall feeling.

Check out the full specs on our product page here.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about the SKILLZ V2. For the team at Freestyle, this is a major step forward in the Freestyle range.

All the best,