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The Versatile Urban Prey Lures

By May 15, 2020General

The Versatile Urban Prey Lures.

When designing our first Urban Prey lure, the Slug, back in 2017 we aimed to create a lure that could be comfortably fished on many finesse type rigs.

To do this we decided to concentrate on designing the perfect sized body ranges. We determined that a 73mm for the larger lures and 55mm for the smaller micro lures would be the most effective sizes.

The Versatile Urban Prey Lures - 02

Slim Body

The slim body of the urban prey lures allows you to load them onto a vast array of various hook patterns. Whether it be a jig hook or a worm hook, the Urban Prey body creates many benefits for your rig.

When placed on an FS Micro Jig the slim body allows for more height between the hook point and the body, thus maximizing hooking potential.

The Versatile Urban Prey Lures - 01

When placed on a Gamakatsu Worm 330 hook the lure can be fished weedless and leave enough room below the lure to maximize hook potential.

The Versatile Urban Prey Lures - 03

Rigs and Action

The shape of this central part of the lures allows for the most erratic action even when fished at slow speeds. The additional features of the lure are always in full contact with the water and in a larger proportion to the body.

As mentioned above the lures are built around a slim body and can be fished effectively on a wide assortment of hooks which in turn can be used on a variety of rigs, perfect for urban finesse fishing.

The Versatile Urban Prey Lures - 04

We hope you have much success this season on our Urban Prey lures and terminal tackle. Be sure to check out the brand new Urban Prey Hog and Urban Prey Curl.