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                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 
                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 
                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 

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Tocka, clip on and go!

By April 29, 2021Accessories

Tocka, clip on and go!

Tocka is one of the newest additions to the Freestyle terminal tackle range. It takes a new twist on the “Tokyo rig”, creating a simple to use ready-tied system that can simply be clipped onto your hook to suspend your lure 10cm above the ground. Tocka has some very special features that help it become a seriously effective tool in getting the most out of your lure!


We use a high-quality and durable stiff fluorocarbon as the stem. This makes it practically invisible underwater and provides the necessary “bounce” effect to suspend your hook a fixed distance from the ground and allow the two weights to smoothly move up and down on every jig.


On the stem are two brass bullets which can be locked by simply pulling down the rubber stopper. In this position the bullets are locked and cannot rattle. Once the rubber stopper is pulled up the stem however the rig is allowed to come to life. With every jig the bullets will collide creating an attractive rattle beneath the lure.


Firstly, choose your lure and hook type. We recommend a Gamakatsu 330 worm hook that accommodates an urban prey lure perfectly. You could also use a Gamakatsu single 31 in open and weed-free water for maximum hooking potential.

Simply clip the Tocka to your hook using a Freestyle Fluocarbon Snap. Ensure the hook is above the Tocka and the image below.


The Tocka can be fished similar to a dropshot rig, lightly jigged vertically along walls and piers, or it can be jigged in a similar way to a Jika or classic jig head. It can even be simply reeled in slowly, allowing your lure to swim slowly at a fixed height of 10cm above the ground, away from silt or small stones.

Changing your lure is also easy, simply unclip the hook and clip on another rigged lure. Check out the video below to see Tocka’s stunning presentation underwater.


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Tocka is a fun and simple way to fish soft lures effectively. We look forward to seeing your Tocka caught fish in our Social Chat group!

Our terminal tackle range is growing. Every year Freestyle offers you more products to customize your lures and rigs so you can get the most out of them. If you have any questions about certain rigs, send us a message or ask our community of urban anglers on our Facebook Group “Freestyle Social Chat

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