Xtender V2

Our aim was to create the most compact rod range possible without sacrificing the performance & action of the rod. The Xtender ‘semi-telescopic‘ rod series has a telescopic handle section and still provides an excellent action as you would expect from a Freestyle rod. The incredibly compact size makes the Xtender rod range perfect for attaching on your Freestyle Backpack 22, Backpack 25 V2 or Backpack 35.

Compact Without Compromise

When scouting for locations, easily combine the Xtender rods to the rod holders located on either side of the Backpack 35.


Micro Lure Rods

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Light Lure Rods

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Key Features

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Further Information

Detailed information about the product can be found below.

CodeModelLengthTransport LengthWeightCasting WeightSectionsGuidesBlank Material
2890-180Micro Lure1,80m0,74m99g0.5-4g2.5740t Carbon
2890-181Micro Lure1,80m0,74m102g1-8g2.5740t Carbon
2890-210Micro Lure2,10m0,87m110g1-8g2.5840t Carbon
2890-182Light Lure1,80m0,74m114g3-14g2.5740t Carbon
2890-211Light Lure2,10m0,87m120g3-14g2.5840t Carbon
2890-240Light Lure2,40m1,05m128g3-14g2.5940t Carbon
2890-183Versatile1,80m0,74m116g7-24g2.5740t Carbon
2890-212Versatile2,10m0,87m125g7-24g2.5840t Carbon
2890-241Versatile2,40m1,05m132g7-24g2.5940t Carbon
2890-213X-Jig2,10m0,87m130g10-30g2.5840t Carbon
2890-242X-Jig2,40m1,05m145g10-30g2.5940t Carbon