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5 reasons why the Solidz rod series is unique

By April 23, 2020Rods

5 reasons why the Solidz rod series is unique

We set strict guidelines and specifications when we began the design and engineering of the most durable light lure rods. It was not an easy task, but one we are proud of. The SOLID blank is everything you wouldn’t expect from one piece of carbon. That’s because it isn’t. Although the blank is solid in comparison to traditional hollow rod blanks, a SOLID blank is made up of a solid core with a tightly meshed carbon wrap.

The carbon fibre wrapped layer allows us to control and fine-tune the action of the rod. This is unusual compared with traditional solid carbon fibre rods which are usually thick, heavy and parabolic. Having the tight wrap also creates a tough blank from a very thin section.

1. Shatter resistance

Traditional hollow blanks are very sensitive against drops and knocks. The solid structure of the SOLIDZ blank provides high levels of durability and resistance throughout the entire rod. We have hit the rods against walls and dropped them from great heights during testing and the blank just keep on performing. We wouldn’t recommend doing this at home though! The guide inlays and paint are of course still sensitive against abuse, but you get the idea.

2. Tip to rear power transfer

The SOLIDZ rods have a very fast action when controlling a lure. As soon as you hit into a fish the power of the thin rear blank comes into play. The rear end of the blank is astonishingly powerful.

3. Vast colour range

Which other rod series has so many crazy colours to choose from? Ranging from Cosmic Plasma to Pepper Dash there is a colour to suit you! Click here for an overview.

4. One section

The single section blanks bring out the true character of the SOLIDZ rods. At 1.80m the solid blanks are still very easy to carry and fit in most cars. The main reason we kept the blank 1 piece was the weight. The rods are very light for a solid carbon blank. The second reason is the structure of the blank. A two-section rod would mean the handle section is hollow. This would make the rod very top-heavy! By keeping the SOLIDZ a one-piece 1.80m rod we can get the most out of it!

5. Unbreakable

Of course, the blanks can be broken by heavy misuse but if you are using the rods for what they are intended for you can enjoy using it for years to come. The SOLIDZ rods are much more durable than anything you would have fished with before and a few knocks here and there will not affect them.

We hope we have given you a little insight into why we made the SOLIDZ rod range and what makes them so unique. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us!