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                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 
                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 
                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 

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FS Scouta – Jig Spinner

By March 7, 2023Lures

A classic among fishing lures is the spinner. When other lures struggle to bring a predator to the hook, there is the saying “spinners always works” and this is not just a figure of speech, but is often true on difficult days. The spinner creates a great pressure wave underwater and the spinning blade shines in the daylight. The more modern and much more versatile version of the spinner is the jig spinner, it is often called a spin jig or tail spinner.


The jig spinner has a heavy body as the biggest difference from the normal spinner. This allows the lure to be cast far even in windy conditions and can be fished at greater water depths. The body also already creates a pressure wave, the reason for this is the hooking of the snap on the top. This makes the bait resemble a cicada. The cicada vibrates when the lure is reeled in and the predators become aware of the jig spinner via its lateral line organs. On the body of the FS Scouta are two large and sparkling eyes as an additional attraction.


At the end of the body a kind of barrel swivel is attached, to which the spinner blade is mounted. This swivel prevents the twisting of the line by the spinning spinner blade.

The spinner blade plays an important role in jig spinners, it gives the lure the spinner-like character. The larger the blade is, the more pressure is created when the lure is pulled in and the slower the lure is guided. It also imitates the scales of the prey fish, which shine in the daylight. The FS Scouta has a relatively large spinner blade, but if necessary, it can be replaced with a thinner spinner blade through the snap ring. This could make the bait faster and more aggressive.


The bites provoked by the bait cannot be converted into caught fish if the hook is missing. FS Scouta is equipped with a high quality Gamakatsu double hook. By default, this has the hook tips turned towards the body. This allows the jig spinner to be pulled along the bottom or through weeds and still have little hang. However, the hook can also be easily turned around so that the hook tips point downwards. However, there is then the risk that the bait collects more weeds.


The Jig Spinner can be offered at any water depth. It does not matter if the bait is fished along the bottom, jigged in the midwater or simply reeled in, also the speeds can be changed at any time and during a short break the bait drifts head first to the bottom, so that the spinner blade turns anyway. During this short pause the lure is often attacked by the predators. For me, the FS Scouta is mainly used as a searchbait in the warmer months. Since he can quickly fish a long distance and is unmissable in the water. When the water is very clear, I prefer natural decors, such as the color “roach”.

Normally, I advise everyone to mount a fluorocarbon leader in front of the lure when perch fishing. For me, however, the lure regularly proves to be a pike magnet, which is why a small titanium leader would be a better choice. But I assure you that the perch will love the lure anyway.

Nick from Crazy Tackle (Instagram)