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Light, with the Wave of an Arm.

By May 7, 2020Accessories

Light, with the Wave of an Arm.

A reliable headlamp is an essential piece of kit for anglers that fish in the evening. Even if you don’t plan to, we all know the feeling of staying another 20 minutes telling ourselves ‘just one more cast’, waiting for that final bite. Then before you know it, your standing in complete darkness trying to find your way back to the car, with the inbuilt light on your smartphone.

When designing the Sense Optics headlamp we aimed to create a headlamp that is packed with features not commonly found on headlamps at this price level. It also had to deliver new and innovative features that make lure fishing more comfortable.


All Sense Optics headlamps are designed around one primary function, the motion sensor. In practice, this is a feature that once you start using, you realise how handy it is. As an angler, there are 3 main occasions where you need light.

  • Moments before netting a fish.
  • When you begin moving to the next spot.
  • When you prepare to tie a new rig or change a lure.

In all of these situations, it’s common that both hands are being used already, so flicking through every function on your headlamp is incredibly impractical.

With Sense Optics simply push the sensor button to turn off your light. Then the next time you have a rod in one hand and a net in the other, simply wave your arm 10cm from the light to turn it on or off.


Anyone that has used a headlamp before knows the annoying process of switching through various functions with the click of a single button, then missing the required setting and having to push through them again.

With Sense Optics we have custom programmed a couple of special features that remove this issue.

  • Scroll through the setting you want. (100%, 30% or UV)
  • Wait more than 3 seconds and the next time you push off, it turns off.
  • The next time you turn the headlamp on it will automatically remember your previously used setting and activate it.

We offer both a battery-operated and USB rechargeable Sense Optics headlamp. To find more information about the specifications, visit the product page here.