Urban Prey

Gotta love the slug.

Urban Prey are designed for micro jigging, drop shotting and bottom jigging targetting big perch and zander. Each version are available 8 different colours. The Hog is available in sizes 55/70mm, the Curl is available in 55/65mm and the Slug is available in 37/73mm.

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Hog – 55/70mm

Made for the Bottom Jig. As with all Urban Prey lures the Hog is made of super floating material which creates an irresistible “standing” stop when fished on the bottom jig. The two long claws twist when retrieved even at a slow speed. A life like crayfish replicant for the fish to smash!

Curl – 55/65mm

Our Slug form with a curly tail creates an irresistible action. The hypnotic tail together with the slim body moves in a fluid movement which is perfect for targeting large perch and zander.

Slug – 37/73mm

Our versatile Slug Shad has a unique slim form making it ideal for many applications such as micro jigging, drop shotting and bottom jigging. The slim form creates incredible feedback to the slightest movement of the rod tip.

How to: The Bottom Jig.

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Great predator candy.