Dropshot Pears

Dropshot, differently.

High-quality pear-shaped drop shot weights with the weights printed directly on the body. The wide surface area of the weight allows it to sink slightly slower than traditional stick weights and offers more feedback through the rod to give you a better idea what’s going on under the water. To see our full range of Terminal Tackle click here.

Where to buy?


A more affordable version of the pear dropshot weight in natural lead colour.

Lead Dropshot Pears


The brass version of our pear weights is matte black coated for a less spooky reflection.

Brass Dropshot Pears

Step by Step Guide

Dropshot Pear (Lead)4589 4015gr
Dropshot Pear (Lead)4589 4027gr
Dropshot Pear (Lead)4589 40310gr
Dropshot Pear (Lead)4589 40414gr
Dropshot Pear (Brass)4589 4115gr
Dropshot Pear (Brass)4589 4127gr
Dropshot Pear (Brass)4589 41310gr
Dropshot Pear (Brass)4589 41414gr

The weights larger surface area offers great total feedback.